Video: Evaluating Numerical Expressions Using the Distributive Property

Evaluate 5(40) + 5(26) using the distribute property.


Video Transcript

Evaluate five times 40 plus five times 26 using the distributive property.

The distributive property says this: 𝑎 times 𝑏 plus 𝑐 equals 𝑎 times 𝑏 plus 𝑎 times 𝑐. We can use this property to rewrite the expression we were given. Our expression is in the format five times 40 plus five times 26. 40 and 26 are both being multiplied by five. We pull out the common factor of five and then we add 40 and 26.

Now we’ll solve our new rewritten expression: five times 40 plus 26. In this scenario, we can add 40 and 26 together first because they’re in the parentheses. 40 plus 26 equals 66 and five times 66 equals 330. The final answer here is 330.

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