Video: Converting Weight from Kilograms and Tonnes to Grams

Write the answer in grams: 9.85 tonnes + 4500 kg.


Video Transcript

Write the answer in grams: 9.85 tonnes plus 4500 kilograms.

Let’s go ahead and change both of our measurements to be grams. So that way, they will be in the same unit of measure and we can put them together. One metric tonne is equal to 1000000 grams. So if we have 9.85 tonnes, we need to take 1000000 grams and multiply it by 9.85, equaling 9850000 grams.

Now let’s convert the kilograms. One kilogram is equal to 1000 grams. So if we have 4500 kilograms, we need to take 1000 grams and multiply by 4500, which is equal to 4500000 grams. So now we need to add the number of grams together. So to get our final answer in grams, we need to take 9850000 grams and add 4500000 grams, to get a final answer of 14350000 grams.

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