Video: Finding the Missing Number in Multiplication Equations from the 3 Times Table

Find the missing numbers. 2 × 3 = _. _ × 3 = 12. 6 × 3 = _.


Video Transcript

Find the missing numbers. Two times three equals what? What times three equals 12? And six times three equals what?

The number line shows us the three times table, but some of the numbers are incomplete. One times three is three. What is two times three? Two groups of three, or two multiplied by three, is six. Three rows of three, or three times three, is nine. And four times three, or four groups of three, is 12. The missing number is four. Four times three is 12.

Five threes are 15. And six threes are 18. Three, six, nine, 12, 15, 18. Our number line is complete. Two times three is six. Four times three is 12. And six times three is 18. The missing numbers are six, four, and 18. We use the number line to help us count in threes.

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