Question Video: Finding the Percent of a Quantity with Simple Fractions and Integers Mathematics • 6th Grade

What is 130% of 70?


Video Transcript

What is 130 percent of 70?

As 130 percent is greater than 100, our number will actually increase. The answer must be greater than 70. Finding 130 percent of a number is the same as a 30-percent increase. We can do this using a couple of methods. One way would be to find 30 percent of 70 and then add the answer onto 70. In order to calculate 10 percent of any number, we divide by 10. Therefore, 10 percent of 70 is equal to seven. Multiplying this by three gives us that 30 percent of 70 is equal to 21.

An alternative method would be to turn 30 percent into a decimal, in this case 0.3, and then multiply by 70. This would also give us an answer of 21. We can, therefore, calculate 130 percent of 70 by adding 21 to 70. This is equal to 91.

A different method here would be to convert 130 percent into a decimal. We know that in order to convert from percentages to decimals, we divide by 100. Therefore, 130 percent is the same as 1.3. This means that we need to multiply 1.3 by 70. This is the same as 1.3 multiplied by 10 multiplied by seven. 1.3 multiplied by 10 is equal to 13. And we are left with 13 multiplied by seven. Once again, this gives us an answer of 91. 130 percent of 70 is 91.

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