Question Video: Identifying the Sperm Duct on a Diagram of the Male Reproductive System Science

The diagram shows an outline of the male reproductive system. What number indicates the sperm duct (vas deferens)?


Video Transcript

The diagram shows an outline of the male reproductive system. What number indicates the sperm duct, vas deferens?

This question is asking us about the male reproductive system. One of the roles of this system is to deliver semen, which contains sperm, to the female reproductive system using the penis. A sperm cell can then combine with an egg cell that’s produced by the female reproductive system to make a fertilized egg. This fertilized egg can then go on to make a baby, which can develop in the female reproductive system.

To answer our question and see where the sperm duct, or vas deferens, is, let’s go through this provided diagram and discuss how sperm can be released through the penis.

Sperm is produced in the testes, or testis as singular. These are sometimes called the testicles. Sperm are sensitive to high temperatures, so the testes are kept outside the body in a sac of skin called the scrotum. The sperm that are made in the testes are stored in the epididymis. When the male is sexually aroused, the sperm can travel from the epididymis through a tube called the sperm duct, or vas deferens. The sperm can then mix with fluids from different glands to form semen. One of these glands is called the seminal vesicle. Another gland that adds fluid to make semen is the prostate gland.

Now that semen is prepared, it can be ejaculated, or ejected, from a tube called the urethra. During sexual intercourse, the ejaculated semen can enter the female reproductive system, where a sperm cell in the semen can fertilize an egg cell.

The last number in this diagram indicates the bladder. The urethra is also the tube that is used to expel urine from the bladder. Getting back to our question, the number that indicates the sperm duct, or vas deferens, is number 1.

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