Video: Converting from Gallons to Liters

Determine to the nearest tenth, the number of liters in 6 gal.


Video Transcript

Determine, to the nearest tenth, the number of liters in six gallons.

One US liquid gallon is approximately 3.78541 liters. So if we want to know how many liters are in six gallons, we need to take this number and multiply by six. So we take 3.78541 liters and multiply by six to get 22.71246.

However, we need to round to the nearest tenth. So we need to decide whether to keep the seven a seven or round it up to an eight. so we look at the number to the right and since it’s a one, it is less than five. So we will keep the seven a seven.

So this number is in liters. So our final answer will be that there is approximately 22.7 liters in six gallons.

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