Question Video: Finding the Percent of a Quantity with Simple Fractions and Integers Mathematics • 6th Grade

What is 80% of $10?


Video Transcript

What is 80 percent of 10 dollars?

One way that we can solve this is by converting 80 percent into a fraction. 80 percent written as a fraction is 80 over 100. Since we want to know 80 percent of 10 dollars, we can set up a proportion. This proportion is saying 80 out of 100 is equal to what out of 10.

I know that I can go from 100 to 10 by dividing by 10. 100 divided by 10 equals 10. I also know that when I’m working with fractions, if we do something to the denominator, we’ll need to do the same thing to the numerator. This means we need to divide 80 by 10. 80 divided by 10 equals eight. 80 percent of 10 dollars is eight dollars.

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