Video: Understanding the Definition of the Line Segment

Which of these has been drawn? [A] line segment 𝑀𝑁 [B] ray 𝑀𝑁 [C] straight line 𝑀𝑁 [D] ray 𝑁𝑀


Video Transcript

Which of these has been drawn β€” line segment 𝑀𝑁, ray 𝑀𝑁, straight line 𝑀𝑁, or ray 𝑁𝑀?

First, we notice that this figure has an endpoint at 𝑀 and 𝑁. Both sides have a stopping point. If I look at my answer choices, two of them are rays. And a ray has one end point but then continues in one direction. A ray does not have two endpoints.

Our other choice is a straight line. But lines do not have an endpoint on either side. They continue in both directions. Line segments have an endpoint on either side. Line segments have two endpoints. The image of 𝑀𝑁 is a line segment.

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