Video: KS1-M19 • Paper 1 • Question 15

39 − 20 = _.


Video Transcript

39 take away 20 equals what.

This question asks us to subtract or take away 20. And we need to take away 20 from the starting number, which is 39, 39 take away 20. 20 is the same as two tens or two times 10. So we need to take away two tens from 39. 39 take away one lot of 10 equals 29. Now, let’s take away another lot of 10. 29 take away 10 equals 19. We started with 39. And then, we took away two lots of 10, 39, 29, 19.

We can also use maths equipment to show the same answer. 39 is the same as three tens and nine ones. We already know that 20 is the same as two tens. So if we take away two tens from our three tens, we’re left with one ten, one ten and nine ones.

And so we know that 39 take away two tens or 20 equals 19.

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