Question Video: Comparing Fractions with Different Denominators Mathematics • 4th Grade

Complete 3/8 _ 8/16 using <, =, or >.


Video Transcript

Complete three-eighths compared to eight sixteenths using less than, equal to, or greater than.

To compare these two fractions, we’ll first need to find a common denominator. If I multiply eight by two, I get 16. And if I multiply the denominator eight by two, I also need to multiply the numerator three by two. Three times two is six. Three-eighths is equal to six sixteenths.

Since eight sixteenths already had a denominator of 16, we bring it down. And now, we can compare six sixteenths to eight sixteenths. Six is less than eight and that makes six sixteenths less than eight sixteenths.

The missing symbol is the less than symbol.

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