Question Video: Subtracting Two Numbers up to 9 Mathematics • Kindergarten

A football team has 9 players. If 1 of them was injured, how many could play in a match?


Video Transcript

A football team has nine players. If one of them was injured, how many could play in a match?

We know that the football team has nine players. We could use these nine counters, which we’ve placed in a 10 frame model, to help represent the nine players. The problem tells us that one of the players is injured. So we know that this player can’t play in the match.

We’ve subtracted this one player from the nine players in the football team. And the question is asking us how many players are left. So we need to work out what nine take away one is. How many counters are left in our 10 frame if we take one away from the nine we have to begin with? Nine take away one equals eight. One less than nine is eight.

If a football team has nine players and one of them is injured, only eight players could play in the match. Nine subtract one equals eight.

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