Question Video: Identifying Shapes Partitioned into Equal or Unequal Parts Mathematics • 1st Grade

Pick the group that this shape belongs to.


Video Transcript

Pick the group that this shape belongs to.

We’re given a picture of a rectangle, and our question asks us to pick the group that this shape belongs to. Underneath the picture, we can see the two groups that we’re talking about. One is labeled equal parts and the other is labeled unequal parts. The word both these groups have in common is the word “parts.” Both groups contain shapes that have been split into different pieces or parts. They both contain orange rectangles, and they both contain green circles. If we count the number of parts that each of the rectangles have been split in to, we can see that they’ve both been split into two parts.

But what’s the difference? Have they both been split in the same way? The parts in the first rectangle are the same size. They are equal parts. But if we look carefully at the rectangle in our second group, we can see that the parts are not the same size. They are unequal parts. Now, we’re beginning to understand what each group shows. The circle in this group has been divided into four parts and they’re all the same size. The circle in the second group has also been divided into four parts, but they’re not all the same size.

Let’s go back to look at our pink rectangle. Are the parts that this rectangle’s been split into the same size? It’s been split into three parts, hasn’t it? And when we look at them, they do look the same size. They are equal parts. The shape has been divided fairly into parts or pieces that are all the same size. It belongs in the group of shapes with equal parts.

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