Question Video: Identifying the Days of the Week Mathematics • Kindergarten

Complete the pattern: Monday, Tuesday, _, _, _, _, _.


Video Transcript

Complete the pattern: Monday, Tuesday, what, what, what, what, what.

All the whats in that question show us that there’s a lot of words we need to fill in. We’re given a pattern, and we need to complete it. And we call this a pattern even though it’s not to do with numbers or shapes because the words that we’re looking at go in a certain order. Can you see what these words are? We can see the words Monday and Tuesday. This pattern is the days of the week. We know there are seven days in the week. And some people start saying the days of the week on different days.

In this question, we’re starting with Monday. After Monday comes Tuesday. But what day comes after Tuesday? After Tuesday comes Wednesday, then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday. These are the days of the week in order. And once we finish this pattern every week, we start again. So the day after Sunday will be Monday again. We recognize that the pattern was the days of the week. And so, the missing days were Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

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