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Circle the value of the digit 2 in 19.24. [A] 2/10 [B] 2/100 [C] 1/20 [D] 1/200


Video Transcript

Circle the value of the digit two in 19.24. Is it two-tenths, two hundredths, one twentieth, or one two hundredth?

Let’s begin by considering the place value columns of each of the digits in the number 19.24. The number 19.24 has a one in the tens column. It has a nine in the units or ones column, a two in the tenths column and a four in the hundredths column. We were asked in the question to find the value of the digit two. The digit two, as already mentioned, is in the tenths column. This means that we have two-tenths. The correct value of the digit two in the number 19.24 is two-tenths.

Let’s now look at what the other three digits represent. The four is in the hundredths column. Therefore, this represents four hundredths or four out of 100. The nine is in the units column. Therefore, this just represents nine ones or nine. The one that is in the tens column represents 10.

An alternative method to answer this question would be to look at the decimal value of the two first. We could then convert this into a fraction. The two is immediately after the decimal point. Therefore, it has a decimal value of 0.2. We can convert from decimals to percentages by multiplying by 100. 0.2 multiplied by 100 is equal to 20. This means that, as a percentage, 0.2 is 20 percent. When multiplying by 100, all the digits move two places to the left. The word percent means out of 100. So, 20 percent written as a fraction is 20 out of or over 100.

Both of these fractions are divisible by 10. And remember, with fractions, whatever we do to the numerator, or the top, we must do to the denominator, or the bottom. 20 divided by 10 is equal to two. 100 divided by 10 is equal to 10. So, the decimal 0.2 is equivalent or equal to the fraction two-tenths. Once again, we have proved that the value of the digit two in 19.24 is two-tenths.

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