Question Video: Identifying Shapes Mathematics • 5th Grade

What shape has 2 circular bases but no straight edges or vertices?


Video Transcript

What shape has two circular bases but no straight edges or vertices?

Let’s start with the first piece of information we’re given, two circular bases. What shapes do we know that have two circular bases? This shape also cannot have straight edges or any corners or vertices. No points for things come together.

Now I’m starting to think that it’s a cylinder, but I just have one question. Does a cylinder have straight edges? The answer to that question is: No, a cylinder does not have straight edges. But when we draw cylinders on paper as flat objects, they appear to have straight edges. But if you hold a water bottle or a soup can in your hands, you would realize that there is no straight edges.

A cylinder has two circular bases and no straight edges or vertices.

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