Question Video: Interpreting Products of Whole Numbers Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Pick the picture where the total number of dots is 8 × 3.


Video Transcript

Pick the picture where the total number of dots is eight multiplied by three.

We’ve got four pictures here, and they each show groups of dots. The first one’s a little bit different because the two groups of dots we can see are different numbers. But it’s interesting that in all the other pictures, we can see lots of groups of three dots. And we’re told that we need to pick the picture where the total number of dots is the same value as the one that we’ve underlined here.

Now, we know what eight and three mean, but do you know what the symbol in between them means? It looks like a small letter x, doesn’t it? Well, if you were listening carefully as the question was read out, you might have heard. This symbol is the multiplication symbol. And that’s why when the question was read out, we said eight multiplied by three. Another way of saying the same thing would be eight times three. We can think of the multiplication symbol as showing a few lots of the same number or a few groups of the same number.

If we look at our first picture, we can’t see any groups of the same number. But interestingly, we can see the numbers eight and three. But this doesn’t show eight lots of three or eight groups of three. I think we need the addition symbol for this picture. It shows eight plus three. This isn’t what we’re looking for. In this question, where we write eight times three or eight multiplied by three, eight represents the number of groups that we want and three represents the number of dots in each group.

We’ve already noticed some of the pictures that have lots of groups of three, but which one has eight groups of three? In the second picture, there are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine groups of three. This doesn’t show eight times three; it shows nine times three. Our third picture shows one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight times three. It seems this is the picture we were looking for.

And if we just check the last picture, it’s always good to do this, we can see that it shows seven groups of three. We know when we write eight multiplied by three, this represents eight groups of three or eight lots of three. So the picture that shows the total number of dots that’s the same as eight times three is the one that shows eight groups with three dots in each group.

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