Question Video: Converting and Comparing between Pounds and Tons Mathematics • 6th Grade

Use <, =, or > to complete the following: 14 tons _ 28000 lb.


Video Transcript

Use less than, equal to, or greater than to complete the following: 14 tons compared to 28000 pounds.

Here we’re comparing tons to pounds. To compare two measurements, we need their units to match. We don’t want to compare tons to pounds. One thing we can do to fix this is convert 14 tons to pounds. And then we would compare pounds to pounds.

Our next question then becomes “How many pounds are there in 14 tons?” We remember that one ton is equal to 2000 pounds. 14 tons is 14 times more than that. So we take our 2000 pounds per ton and multiply that by the 14 tons we have.

A simple way to multiply 2000 by 14 is to multiply two times 14. Two times 14 equals 28. 14 plus 14 equals 28. And then we take the three zeros from the 2000 and add them to the end of our 28. That tells us that 14 tons equals 28000 pounds.

Now we can compare 28000 pounds to 28000 pounds. These values are equal. And that tells us that 14 tons is equal to 28000 pounds. We complete this inequality with the equal sign.

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