Question Video: Rounding Two-Digit Numbers to the Nearest Ten Mathematics

Round 24 to the nearest ten.


Video Transcript

Round 24 to the nearest ten.

24 is a two-digit number. It has two tens and four ones. Two tens are 20. So, we know the number 24 comes after number 20. And the next 10 after 20 is 30. Now, we know the number 24 comes between 20 and 30. Let’s start at 20 and count until we reach 24. 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. And, of course, we know the number that comes after 24 is 25. 25 is halfway between the numbers 20 and 30. When we’re rounding numbers, we have to look closely at the ones digit. If the ones digit is less than five, we have to round down. We know that four is less than five, so we need to round down. The nearest ten to 24 is 20. 24 rounded to the nearest ten is 20.

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