Question Video: Finding the Difference of Two Given Sets Mathematics

Find {8, 1} − {7, 4, 3, 5, 2}.


Video Transcript

Find the set of eight and one minus the set of seven, four, three, five, and two.

If 𝐴 and 𝐵 are two sets, we know that their difference is given by 𝐴 minus 𝐵 or 𝐵 minus 𝐴. 𝐴 minus 𝐵 means the elements of 𝐴 that are not in 𝐵. In this case, we have set 𝐴 with the elements eight and one and set 𝐵 with elements seven, four, three, five, and two. Both eight and one appear in set 𝐴 and not in set 𝐵. This means that the correct answer is the set of elements eight and one.

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