Question Video: Counting Money Mathematics

Count the amount of money shown.


Video Transcript

Count the amount of money shown.

In this picture, we can see a group of notes and coins. And to find out the amount of money shown, we need to add them together. Shall we start with this one-pound coin and then perhaps add some of the other amounts of money? Well, it doesn’t really make sense to do this. When we’re working out an addition, it’s a little bit easier if we start with the larger number first. And in the picture that we’ve been given, the note or the coin with the largest value are these notes here. They’re 10-pound notes.

Now, if we start counting from one of our 10-pound notes and add the other one, we have 20 pounds altogether. Next, we need to add this five-pound note. 20 plus five is 25. But we can’t just stop counting the pounds there. One of our coins is worth an amount of pounds too, one pound. So 25 pounds becomes 26 pounds. Now we’ve counted all the notes and coins that have a value of pounds, but we’ve got one coin left. Do you recognize it? It’s worth 50 piastres. So the amount of money that we can see here is a number of pounds and some more piastres.

We used a number line to help us find the total amount of money shown. And that amount is 26 pounds and 50 piastres.

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