Question Video: Comparing Quantities Involving Fractions with Different Denominators Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Complete: 1/4 _ 1/2 using < or >.


Video Transcript

Complete: one-fourth compared to one-half using less than or greater than.

First, let’s draw a picture of each of these to see if we can visualize one-fourth compared to one-half. Here’s a visual representation of one-fourth, and here’s the visual representation of one-half. This helps us to see that one-fourth is less than one-half. How would we solve this problem if we didn’t want to draw a picture?

To compare fractions without drawing a picture, we need to find a common denominator. I know that four is a multiple of two. I know that two times two is four. So I’m going to bring down my one-fourth. I won’t change that value. Then I’ll need to say how do I go from two to four. How do I convert this denominator of two to a denominator of four? We multiply by two. Two times two is four.

In order to keep our fractions equivalent, we don’t wanna change the value of our fractions, we have to multiply the numerator by the same value we multiply the denominator by. That means we need to multiply the numerator, one, times two. And we can see that one-half is equal to two-fourths. You can also see that in the picture; one-half is equivalent to two-fourths. Now that we have a common denominator, we can see that we’re comparing one-fourth to two-fourths. One-fourth is less than two-fourths.

Our final answer is: less than. One-fourth is less than one-half.

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