Question Video: Solving One-Step Linear Equations Mathematics • 6th Grade

Solve 𝑥 − 67 = 81.


Video Transcript

Solve 𝑥 minus 67 equals 81.

This is a one-step linear equation. Some number minus 67 equals 81. And to find what our 𝑥 is, we’ll need to add 67 to both sides of our equation. Negative 67 plus 67 equals zero. 81 plus 67 equals 148. 𝑥 plus zero would just be equal to 𝑥. And that tells us that 𝑥 equals 148.

To check and make sure we’ve solved this correctly, we can plug in 148 for our 𝑥 value in the original equation. 148 minus 67 equals 81, so 𝑥 equals 148.

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