Question Video: Adding Three Three-Digit Numbers Using Column Addition Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Find the result of the following: 234 + 121 + 343


Video Transcript

Find the result of the following: 234 plus 121 plus 343.

In this question, we have to add together three three-digit numbers. And we have to use the standard written method or vertical addition to find the result. We could start by adding the first two numbers together. So, we would need to add 234 and 121. We’re starting in the ones column. Four plus one is five. Next, we add the tens. Three 10s and two 10s also gives us a total of five. And now, we just need to add the hundreds. Two 100s plus one 100 gives us three 100s.

Now, all we need to do is add the third number to the sum of our first two numbers. So, we need to add 343 to 355. Five ones and three ones gives us eight, five 10s and four 10s gives us a total of nine 10s, and three 100s plus three 100s gives us six 100s altogether. The result of 234 plus 121 plus 343 is 698.

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