Question Video: Subtracting Two Three-Digit Numbers without Regrouping Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Subtract to find the answer. Tip: Use place value blocks if you need to.


Video Transcript

Subtract to find the answer. Tip: use place value blocks if you need to. 769 minus 342.

We’re starting with 769. We need seven hundreds. That’s our blue place value blocks. Six tens. These yellow blocks represent a set of 10 and nine ones. The ones are the individual red blocks. We’re trying to subtract 342 from our original value. That means we would need to take two ones away. Nine ones minus two ones equals seven ones.

We have six tens. And we need to take four tens away. Six tens minus four tens leaves us with two tens. We also need to take three hundreds away from our seven hundreds, one, two, three. Seven hundreds minus three hundreds equals four hundreds. What do we have now? 400, 20, seven.

769 minus 342 equals 427.

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