Question Video: Converting Decimals to Fractions Mathematics • 5th Grade

Convert 0.268 to a fraction.


Video Transcript

Convert 0.268 to a fraction.

So we’re going from a decimal to a fraction. And here is our decimal. In order to write this as a fraction, we have to look at the place value of the number all the way to the right. We can see that two is in the tenths place, the six is in the hundredths place, and the eight is in the thousandths place. So that means we need to take 268 and put it over 1000. So we have two hundred and sixty-eight one thousandths.

Now, a fraction should always be reduced. So each of these numbers can be reduced by four. Essentially, we can divide them both by four. Therefore, our fraction in simplest form will be 67 over 250.

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