Question Video: Properties of Natural Numbers Mathematics

The set of natural numbers is _. [A] infinite [B] finite


Video Transcript

The set of natural numbers is blank. Infinite or finite.

Natural numbers are known as the counting numbers. The numbers that we have learned in kindergarten. And when we begin to count things, we usually count objects or pictures of something. And when we count, we’ll begin at the number one. And then, after one comes two, then three, then four, five, and so on.

Now, the “so on” part is important because the “so on” part is saying that these numbers keep going. So we keep counting until we can’t count anymore. And it’s not because they aren’t numbers, but because maybe someone hasn’t learn that yet.

So does that make the natural numbers infinite or finite? An infinite set of something goes on forever, never stops. A finite set will stop. We’ll have a certain number of elements in it.

So since the natural numbers keep going and does not stop, it goes on forever, the set of natural numbers would then be infinite.

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