Question Video: Using Partial Products to Multiply Larger Values Mathematics • 4th Grade

Find 14 × 22. Hint: Add the partial products to find the answer.


Video Transcript

Find 14 times 22.

We’ve been given this square model and also told that for a hint, we can add the partial products to find the answer. If we look at our model, we see on the top, our 14 has been broken into two pieces, 10 plus four. And along the other side of our square, 22 has been broken into two pieces, 20 plus two. This can make the multiplication a bit simpler. It’s finding the partial product. We find the product of 10 and 20, which is 200. Then, we find the product of 20 and four, which is 80. After that, we find the product of two and 10, which is 20. And finally, two times four equals eight.

14 times 22 will be equal to the four partial products added together. We know one property of addition is that we can add in any order. And so, when I see that we have 80 and 20, I recognize that 80 plus 20 equals 100. So, we can group those together. From there, we can add 200 to 100. That’s 300. And we’ve added three of the four values together, which only leaves us with the eight. And we can say that 300 plus eight equals 308. Using four partial products summed together, we found that 14 times 22 equals 308.

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