Question Video: Completing Multiplication Table Problems Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Complete: _ × 6 = 30.


Video Transcript

Complete something times six equals 30.

Let’s think about it like this. We have 30 total marbles. And we have six boxes. If we have the same number of marbles in each box, how many marbles will be in each box?

To solve the problem, we’ll start filling up our boxes one row at a time. Okay, we’ve put one marble in each box. Now we’ve used six of our 30 marbles.

We’ve added a second row, another set of six marbles. Six plus six is 12. We’ve used 12 of our 30 marbles.

For our third row, we add another six marbles for a total of 18 marbles. Six more, and we now have a total of 24 marbles in our boxes.

I’ve added a fifth row. And now our grand total is 30 marbles in our boxes. We can divide our 30 marbles into six boxes by putting five marbles in each box.

Another way to say that would be five times six equals 30.

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