Question Video: Comparing Addition and Subtraction Expressions with numbers up to 20 Mathematics

Are they equal? 9 + 2, 14 − 3


Video Transcript

Are they equal? Nine plus two. 14 take away three.

We’re shown two expressions. And we’re asked if they’re equal. So we need to calculate each expression and compare the answers. What is nine plus two? To find two more than nine, we can count forward two places on our number line, one, two. Now we know that nine plus two is equal to 11. Next, we can calculate 14 subtract three. We need to start at 14 on our number line and count back three, one, two, three. 14 subtract three equals 11.

Both expressions equal 11. So the answer to the question “are they equal” is yes. Nine plus two is equal to 14 take away three. Nine plus two is 11. And 14 take away three is also 11. Both expressions are equal.

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