Question Video: Subtracting One-Digit Numbers from Two-Digit Numbers Using Column Subtraction Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Perform the following subtraction. 24 − 7 = _


Video Transcript

Perform the following subtraction. 24 subtract seven equals what.

In this question, we’re subtracting a one-digit number, which is the number seven, from 24, which is a two-digit number. And we’re using the column subtraction method. We need to start by subtracting in the ones column. 24 has four ones and we need to subtract seven ones. Now we have a problem. Four is less than seven. We don’t have enough ones to subtract from. We’re going to need to regroup. We need to regroup one of our tens into 10 ones. So instead of having two 10s, we’ll have one 10. And instead of having four ones, we’ll have 14 ones. So now we can subtract in the ones column. What is 14 subtract seven? 14 take away seven is seven.

Now all we have to do is subtract in the tens column. And because we’re subtracting a one-digit number from a two-digit number, there’s nothing to subtract from our one remaining 10. One 10 take away no 10s leaves us with one 10. 24 subtract seven equals 17. We used the column subtraction method to find our answer. First, we subtracted in the ones column. And we had to regroup one of our 10s into 10 ones. Then we subtracted in the tens column to give us our answer of 17.

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