Question Video: Multiplying Two Fraction Mathematics

Find the result of 1/2 × 1/3.


Video Transcript

Find the result of one-half multiplied by one-third.

There are two ways we can answer this. One method involves using a bar model and recalling that a half times one-third is the same as finding a half of one-third. We can represent our fraction one-third by shading one bar out of three equally sized bars. Then in the opposite direction, in this case, going downwards, we represent a half of this same model by shading one bar out of two equally sized bars. We can now see we have one rectangle shaded out of a possible of three times two, which is six rectangles.

And so this means that a half of one-third which is the same as a half times one-third is simply one out of six; that’s one-sixth. Of course, there is a slightly quicker way we could’ve done this. We know that, to multiply a pair of fractions, we multiply their numerators together, then separately multiply their denominators together. So a half times one-third is one times one over two times three. One times one is one and two times three is six. So once again, we see that a half times one-third is equal to one-sixth.

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