Question Video: Recognizing Value of All the Notes Used in the UK Mathematics

Count the notes. How many £5 notes are there? How many £10 notes are there? How many £20 notes are there?


Video Transcript

Count the notes. How many five-pound notes are there? How many 10-pound notes are there? And how many 20-pound notes are there?

In the picture, we can see lots of money. But there aren’t any coins here. These are all notes, and each note shows a different number of pounds. Now this question tests how good we are at recognizing these notes. We need to count how many five-pound notes there are, how many 10-pound notes there are, and also how many 20-pound notes there are. So let’s start by thinking about the five-pound notes. How do we know a five-pound note if we see one? A five-pound note is a sort of bluey-green color, but really importantly, it has the number five written on it. This is how we know it’s worth five pounds. Let’s go along each row of notes and look for five-pound notes.

We could put a counter on top of each one we find. In the first row, there are one, two five-pound notes. There don’t seem to be any in the second row or the third row. But if we look in the bottom row, we can see another one. So that’s one, two, three five-pound notes altogether. Now we need to think about 10-pound notes. We know that the design on a 10-pound note is a sort of browny-orange color. But the thing that really tells us it’s worth 10 pounds is where we can see the number 10 on there. Let’s go hunting for 10-pound notes. There aren’t any in the first row, but if we look in the second row, we can see one, two 10-pound notes. If we quickly look in the other two rows, we can see that there aren’t any more 10-pound notes to be found. There are two 10-pound notes.

Finally, we need to count the number of 20-pound notes. A 20-pound note has a sort of dark bluey-purple design to it. And it has the number 20, a two followed by a zero. This note is worth 20 pounds. Let’s count them: one, two, three, four, and then there’s one in the bottom row that makes five altogether. In this question, we use what we knew about five-pound, 10-pound, and 20-pound notes to recognize them. There are three five-pound notes, two 10-pound notes, and five 20-pound notes.

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