Question Video: Solving Word Problems Involving Percentage Mathematics • 7th Grade

Emma works at a clothing store where she gets an employee discount. If she paid $44.87 for a pair of pants that costs $64.10, determine the percentage discount.


Video Transcript

Emma works at a clothing store where she gets an employee discount. If she paid 44 dollars and 87 for a pair of pants that costs 64 dollars and 10 cents, determine the percentage discount.

Well, this question is a percentage-change question cause we’re looking to see what the percentage change is between our two values. And we have a formula to help us. And that is that the percentage change is the difference between the values divided by the original amount and then multiplied by 100 to put it into a percentage. So, first of all, what we can do is work out our difference. And it’s gonna be 64.10 minus 44.87 cause it’s 64 dollars 10 cents minus 44 dollars and 87 cents. Which is gonna give us 19.23, or 19 dollars and 23 cents.

Okay, great, so now we can put this into our formula. So, when we do this, we’re gonna get our percentage discount is equal to 19.23 because that’s our difference over and then our original amount. And that’s the price before the sale, which is 64.10, or 64 dollars 10 cents. Then, we multiply the whole lot by 100, which is gonna give us 30 percent. So therefore, we could say that the percentage discount is 30 percent.

Now, what we can do is do a quick check to check this is the correct answer. So then, before our check, what we can do is do 64 dollars 10 because that was the original price. Then, multiply it by 0.7 because this would be our multiplier if we reduced by 30 percent. And this would give us 44 dollars and 87 cents, which is exactly what Emma paid. So, yes, this is correct.

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