Question Video: Finding the Missing Fraction to Make a Whole Using the Given Model Mathematics

Complete the following sentence: 2/3 and _ make a whole.


Video Transcript

Complete the following sentence: Two-thirds and what make a whole.

In this question, we’re given a sentence that we need to complete. This is a little bit like an addition sentence. It’s about putting two parts together to make a total amount. Now one of the parts that we’re given is this fraction here, two-thirds. We don’t know what the second part is. This is the part we need to find. So we put something together with two-thirds and we make a whole. What goes together with two-thirds to make one whole?

Well, underneath our sentence, did you notice we’ve got quite a helpful little diagram to help us? It’s a long, thin rectangle, little bit like a strip of paper. In fact, shall we imagine that it’s a strip of paper. We could say that it’s worth one whole strip. Let’s label it with the number one. But we can also see something else about this strip of paper. It’s been divided or split up into three equal parts. Each part is worth one-third. And so we can see just by looking at this picture one very important piece of information that’s gonna help us answer the question. How many thirds make up one whole? We can see that three-thirds make a whole, can’t we? And we can use this fact to help us.

Now we said that the first fraction in our sentence was two-thirds. But we also said that one whole is the same as three-thirds. So if we’ve already got two-thirds and we want to get three-thirds, how many thirds do we need to add? Two-thirds plus one more third make three-thirds, doesn’t it? So we can say that two-thirds and one-third make a whole. And so the missing part of our sentence is a fraction. The answer is one- third.

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