Question Video: The Written Form of Decimal Numbers

Express 32 tenths in digits.


Video Transcript

Express 32 tenths in digits.

First, let’s write 32 tenths as an improper fraction. 32 tenths equals 32 over 10. When our question says they want us to write it in digits, it means that we’ll need to write 32 over 10 in decimal form. This means we need to take 32 and divide it by 10. We put the numerator, 32, inside the division box and the 10 on the outside. Then we say how many times does 10 go into 32? How many groups of 10 can we make out of 32?

If we make three groups of 10, we’ll have 30. And that’s pretty close to 32. We multiply three times 10 to get 30. Now we need to subtract 30 from 32, and we have two left over. Our remainder becomes the numerator, 32, divided by 10 equals three and two tenths. When we write a number as a decimal, the tenths place is the first place to the right of the decimal.

So three and two tenths can be written as 3.2. 32 tenths expressed in digits is 3.2.

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