Question Video: Identifying Right Angles in a Given Figure Mathematics • 3rd Grade

How many right angles are there in the figure?


Video Transcript

How many right angles are there in the figure?

We’re gonna walk through the picture and label the right angles. These two window pieces are rectangles, which means they have right angles. The same thing is true for the right window. Each of the windows had four right angles. Our door is a rectangle; there were four right angles inside the door. We also can look at the space between the door and the bottom line. That space creates an additional right angle on both sides of the door. We can continue by looking at the large rectangle and its four corners. The chimney has two right angles.

Alright, let’s stop here and count up what we currently have: two from the chimney, four from each of the windows, plus four from the door, plus four from the big rectangle of the house, and then the two that are on the outsides of the door.

When we add up all of these, we get 20. However, there’re actually still two more right angles. The place where the roof meets the house has two additional right angles, one here and one here. If we add those two to the 20 right angles we have already found, we come up with a total of 22 right angles in this figure.

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