Video: KS2-M16S • Paper 1 • Question 30

17 × (1 1/2) = _.


Video Transcript

17 multiplied by one and a half equals what?

If we partition one and a half into its two parts, one and a half, we can then multiply each part by 17. 17 multiplied by one is 17 and 17 multiplied by a half or a half of 17 is 8.5. Now, we just need to add together 17 and 8.5, which equals 25.5.

We could write the answer as 25.5. We could also write the answer as 25 and a half. Both answers are correct.

To calculate the answer, we use partitioning. First, we multiply 17 by one and then by a half. And we added these two totals together to give us our answer 25.5.

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