Question Video: Counting Coins without Pounds Mathematics

Pick the coins that make 37 p.


Video Transcript

Pick the coins that make 37 pence.

In this question, we’re given two sets of coins, but only one of them makes a value of 37p. Which is it? We could use number lined to help us add the value of these coins. Now, the first coin in our first set is worth 10p. We know this because it’s a circular silver coin. It’s a little bit bigger than the other circular silver coin we can see. But also, it says 10 pence at the top of it, so we can start counting from 10. Now, we also have another 10p coin. 10 plus 10 equals 20.

Now, we’ve got some different coins to add. These are silver colored, but a little bit smaller than our 10p coins. These are worth five pence each, and we have three of them. So, we need to count on from 20 in fives three times. 20, 25, 30, 35. Now, we want to make 37 pence. But we’ve only got one more coin left and we’ve already got up to 35. To get from 35 to 37, we really need this last coin to be a two-p coin. 35 plus two is 37, isn’t it? But unfortunately, this coin is a one-penny coin and 35 plus one equals 36. Our first set of coins make 36 pence, not 37 pence. Our second set of coins must be the right answer.

Now, before we draw out a number line and start adding the coins like before, let’s just take a moment to look at them. What do you notice? Most of our coins are exactly the same as those in the first group. In fact, can you see there’s only one coin different? So, we don’t need to draw another number line at all. The only coin that’s different is this last one. Instead of our one-penny coin, this is a two-pence coin. So, we can count just like before. 10, 20, 25, 30, 35. But instead of adding one more, we can add two more. And 35 plus two equals 37 pence altogether.

We found the answer by skip counting according to the value of the coins. We had to count in 10s and then some fives. But the set of coins that makes 37 pence is the one that contains two 10-pence coins, three five-pence coins, and one two-pence coin.

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