Question Video: Checking Subtraction Sentences of Two Multidigit Numbers Mathematics

True or false: 49685 − 33833 = 15852.


Video Transcript

True or false: 44685 minus 33833 equals 15852.

To find out if this is true or false, we’ll need to solve the problem ourselves. We’ll need to take 44685 line it up vertically with 33833 and then subtract. Starting in the units place, five minus three equals two. Moving on to the tens place, eight minus three equals five.

Now, when we get to the hundreds place, we need six minus eight and we cannot take away eight from six. So we look at our thousands place, where we have 9000, and we borrow one of those thousands turning 9000 into eight and turning 600 into 1600. Instead of subtracting 800 from 600, we’ll now say 800 minus 1600 or 16 minus eight which equals eight.

Now on to our thousands place. We can take the 8000 we have remaining and subtract 3000. Eight minus three equals five. And in the ten thousands, four minus three equals one.

After we’ve done our subtraction, we come up with 15852, which is exactly what the question gave us to start with and that makes the statement true.

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