Question Video: Factoring by Finding the Highest Common Factor Mathematics • 7th Grade

Factor 2π‘Žπ‘ + 8π‘Ž completely.


Video Transcript

Factor two π‘Žπ‘ plus eight π‘Ž completely.

Here we have an expression with two terms. So out of these two terms, we can take out a greatest common factor. So the number that we can take out of two and eight would be two. And both terms have an π‘Ž, so we can take out an π‘Ž. Now only the first term has a 𝑏, so we cannot take out a 𝑏.

So now to find what’s left inside the parentheses, we need to take both terms and divide each one by two π‘Ž. And this will tell us what’s left over and what will go inside the parentheses. So if we take out two π‘Ž from two π‘Žπ‘, the twos cancel and the π‘Žs cancel, and we’re left with 𝑏. Now if we take two π‘Ž out of eight π‘Ž, two goes into eight four times, and the π‘Žs cancel. So we are left with positive four. Therefore, two π‘Ž times 𝑏 plus four will be our final answer.

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