Question Video: Completing a Given Number Pattern by Dividing Decimals by 10 Mathematics • 5th Grade

Complete the following pattern: 8938.3, 893.83, 98.383, _, _, _.


Video Transcript

Complete the following pattern: 8938.3, 893.83, 98.383, blank, blank, blank.

So notice, they use all of the same digits, all of the same numbers: eight then nine then three then eight then three. What moves is the decimal point. It moves to the left, one every time. First, we had 8938.3. Then it moved here to be 893.83. And then it moved here to be 89.383.

Instead of saying we’re moving the decimal point to the left one, we could also think of it as dividing by 10. So if we would take 89.383 and divide it by 10, we would get 8.9383. And dividing that number by 10, we will need to add a zero out-front because now the decimal point is all the way in the front.

So now, we have 0.89383. Repeating the pattern again, we get 0.089383. So following the pattern, we get 8.9383, 0.89383, and 0.089383.

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