Question Video: Using Objects to Decompose Numbers up to 10 in More Than One Way Mathematics • 1st Grade

Find the missing number.


Video Transcript

Find the missing number. Four stars plus three stars makes seven. Five stars plus two stars equals the missing number.

This group has four stars. This group has five stars. Five is one more than four. That means we can take one star from this group and move it across to make the four into five. There were three green stars. Now there are two, because one was moved over into this group, to make four into five.

This group has seven stars altogether. How many stars does this group have altogether? We didn’t add or take away any stars. So the number of stars is the same, seven: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Four plus three equals seven. And five plus two equals seven. The missing number is seven.

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