Video: KS2-M16S • Paper 1 • Question 11

630 ÷ 9 = _.


Video Transcript

630 divided by nine equals what?

630 is a large number to be dividing by nine. Do we know any nine times table facts that could help us? We know that seven nines equals 63. And we can also write this as a division. 63 divided by nine equals seven. And we can use this fact to help us find the answer.

We’re still dividing by nine, but the number that we’re dividing by nine is 10 times as large. So we can say that the number of nines in that number will be 10 times as many. Seven multiplied by 10 equals 70.

We found the answer by spotting the six, the three, and the nine in the original division and recognising that we knew a fact that could help us. 63 divided by nine equals seven. So 10 times this amount divided by nine equals 10 times seven. 630 divided by nine equals 70.

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