Question Video: Estimating the Result of Subtracting Two Numbers up to 999 Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Which number is nearest to 489 − 162? [A] 400 [B] 500 [C] 300.


Video Transcript

Which number is nearest to 489 minus 162?

Our original problem is 489 minus 162. Since all of our answer choices are given in hundreds, let’s round to the nearest hundreds. That means we want to ask, is 489 closer to 400 or 500 on a number line? 489 falls closer to 500. That means that 489 rounded to the nearest hundred is 500.

And we wanna do the same process for 162. Is 162 closer to 100 or 200 on a number line? We know that 150 is right in the middle. And 162 is larger than that. That means 162 is closer to 200 on the number line. By rounding to the nearest hundreds, we can say 500 minus 200 equals 300. Five minus two equals three. So 500 minus 200 equals 300. 489 minus 162 would be about 300. So we choose the answer choice that says 300.

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