Question Video: Converting and Comparing between Pounds and Ounces Mathematics • 6th Grade

Complete the following using <, =, or >: 20 oz _ 1 lb 7 oz.


Video Transcript

Complete the following using less than, equal to, or greater than: 20 ounces compared to one pound, seven ounces.

Notice that the left side, 20 ounces, we’re only measuring in ounces. But on the right side, we have both pounds and ounces. To compare them accurately, we wanna make sure we’re using the same units exactly on both sides.

We have two options: we can convert 20 ounces to pounds and ounces or we could convert one pound, seven ounces just to ounces. Let’s go with this option. Let’s convert one pound to ounces.

We know that one pound equals 16 ounces. On the right side of our equation then, we’ll have 16 ounces plus seven ounces. 16 plus seven equals 23, 23 ounces.

Now, that we’ve made these conversions, it will be very simple to compare. We’re comparing 20 ounces to 23 ounces. And we know that 23 is larger than 20. 23 ounces will be more than 20 ounces. We fill in our less than symbol. And we say 20 ounces is less than one pound, seven ounces.

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