Question Video: Representing 15 Using Different Models Mathematics • Kindergarten

Which of the following models represents 15?


Video Transcript

Which of the following models represents 15?

In this question, we’re shown four different models made out of 10 frames. And we’re asked which of the models represents this number here. It’s a one followed by a five. Do you remember how we say this number? It’s the number 15, isn’t it? We know the number 15 is five more than 10. We know we can use this fact to help us spot where the number 15 is.

Now each of our models has got something in common. Can you see it? They’re all made up of one full 10 frame and then some more counters. So each number is more than 10. Now remember, if we’re looking for the number 15, we’re looking for a 10 frame and then five more, aren’t we? Can you spot which model this is? It’s the bottom one, isn’t it? Let’s count down from 10 to check. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

Our first model shows four more than 10. This is 14. The second model shows three more than 10, which is the same as 13. Our third model shows two more than 10, which equals 12. But our last model shows five more than 10. And so we know that this is the model that represents the number 15.

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