Question Video: Determining Which Label Drawn in the Cartesian Coordinates Represents the Given Coordinates Mathematics • 6th Grade

Which point is (βˆ’5, βˆ’6)?


Video Transcript

Which point is negative five, negative six?

Here we have a set of coordinates. We have an π‘₯-coordinate and we have a 𝑦-coordinate. We have to work out which point is at these coordinates. Is it point 𝐴, 𝐡, 𝐢, 𝐷, 𝐸, or 𝐹? Which of the four quadrants marked in pink do you think we’ll find the coordinates minus five, minus six?

The point marked in pink in the center is zero. So let’s start at zero and count to minus five on the π‘₯-axis. Here we go. Start at zero to minus five, and we can mark the point here. And our 𝑦-coordinate is minus six. So if we start at zero and mark down to minus six, then we can join our two points up, minus five and minus six. The point which is at minus five, minus six is 𝐹.

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