Question Video: Evaluating Numerical Expressions with Integer Exponents Using Laws of Exponents Mathematics • 9th Grade

Find the value of 3 × 3³ × 3².


Video Transcript

Find the value of three times three cubed times three squared.

All three of these items have a base of three. And since they have the same base, we can use the property where we add their exponents. This first number is really three to the first power. And we need to multiply by three to the third power times three to the second power. And one plus three plus two is six.

And in our calculator, we can take three to the sixth power and get 729. We also could’ve found each of these values and multiply them. Three to the first power is three. And then three to the third power is 27. And then three to the second power is nine. And three times 27 times nine is once again 729. So our final answer will be 729.

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