Question Video: Ordering Given Expressions in Descending Order Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Arrange the expressions on these cards in descending order. 10 × 9, 10 × 6, 10 × 8, 10 × 3


Video Transcript

Arrange the expressions on these cards in descending order.

We know that descending order means from greatest to least. So we need to choose which of these cards is greatest and work our way down. We notice that all of our cards are being multiplied by 10. And that means, we can look to the number that 10 is being multiplied by to determine the greatest. We have the numbers nine, six, eight, and three. And that will help us determine how to order these cards.

Out of these four values, nine is the greatest. And that makes 10 times nine our largest value. After that, we have the digits six, eight, or three. Eight is the next largest value. Which means 10 times eight is the next largest card. After that, we have six or three. Six is larger than three. So 10 times six would be our next card. And we’re left with our last value. Our last card of 10 times three which would represent the smallest value.

In descending order, we have 10 times nine, 10 times eight, 10 times six, and 10 times three.

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