Question Video: Recognizing Line Segments from the Shown Figures Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Which of the following figures is a straight line? [A] Figure a [B] Figure b [C] Figure c [D] Figure d [E] Figure e.


Video Transcript

Which of the following figures is a straight line?

Let’s start by eliminating things that we know are not straight lines. Let’s start with e. e is a curved line. Curve lines would not be straight lines.

Next up, this shape a is some kind of closed, flat polygon. It is not a straight line. Now we have to take a closer look at figures b, c and d.

Here’s what we know about a line in geometry. A line is straight. b, c and d are all straight. Straight lines extend in both directions without end. Let’s look closer at b, c and d and see which one fits that description.

Only figure c has arrows on both sides showing that it extends in both directions. This means that figure c represents a straight line. b is not a straight line it does not have arrows showing that it extends in either direction.

And figure d has one arrow. It extends in one direction, but not both. This makes the final answer c. Figure c is a straight line.

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